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spn_mpreg's Journal

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Supernatural Mpreg (real people or fictional)
This comunity is a slash comm only: Male/Male. No het please(implied or past het is fine, but a slash pairing should be the main focus.) This community is for fic, art/minips or recs only. (no discussion or meta and or off comm promos) sorry , I thought I added this already.

No Flaming, no trolls, (no wank allowed)
No bad(or rude behavior, Please be polite when you criticize or point out errors in other users posts.)
No plagiarism (you will banned!)
No porn (no ladies I mean real porn. (pics ect). We do not want to see your body parts there are other comms for that.) you will be reported and booted.
No child pornogerphy allowed (fanFicton based is premiited(I.e..wincest or weecest). But no other is allowed. This comm and ALL memembers must report(kiddle porn when seen)--you will be reported and banned--
No hate speech (i.e kill all jews, or gays, or other nazi stuff)-- you will reported and banned--
No promos for other communities or sites without mods prior consent.